Sunday, January 10, 2010

Girls Night Out!

Every year a few of my college friends and I get together for our annual Christmas party. We usually do the get together before Christmas, but with the arrival of Kendall this year we postponed it a little, and the three of them drove to Chattanooga from Nashville and stayed with me. Travis was nice enough to take both kids to his parents to spend the night so we could have a great night out and I could get caught up on some much needed sleep! Thanks Travis!! We had a great time on our 11th year of doing Christmas together!

First we did some shopping and got manicures at the mall!

Next we had dinner and drinks at Abuelos Mexican restaurant.

When we got home we opened presents. We each got a gift from one of the other girls, and also an ornament for our youngest children!
Last we enjoyed cupcakes from Gigi's! We got four and sampled some Midnight chocolate, Birthday surprise, and Red velvet. All were very delicious! Can't wait for next year girls!!

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