Friday, January 29, 2010

Let It Snow!

Today we got the biggest snow in Chattanooga in over 10 years! It is beautiful and we got to play in it a little bit today and I'm sure we will more tomorrow. Luckily we were all home and didn't have to travel because the roads are really bad. This is when it first started before the roads were covered.
This was a few hours later when we had at least two inches on top of the cars
One of the snow men the neighbors made and spray painted! I have never seen spraypaint on a snowman, I thought that was pretty creative!
Haden having fun out in the snow! Our street just before dark, so pretty!

Me and my little snow bunny who didn't like it so much! You can barely see the snow still coming down!

Haden warming up on the vent after playing! A trick he learned from his daddy!
Hope to have more fun tomorrow!

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