Thursday, January 7, 2010

Master of Puzzles!

One of Haden's new favorite things to do is puzzles. We discovered this a couple of months before Christmas, and honestly we are amazed at how good he is at doing them. Now I've never seen any other kids his age do a puzzle, but I am sure that Haden is above average!! Honestly, he is pretty impressive to see do a puzzle and he's pretty quick at them too!

Here is one of his puzzles that he got from Santa. It is a Cars puzzle that has 46 jumbo pieces for the floor.

He's still working on it here with a little help from Mom, and a little distraction from cartoons on tv! He asks for help occasionally, but if you just leave him alone he can usually do it by himself!!

Here is the completed masterpiece! As you can see it is not even a typical puzzle with even edges which makes it more difficult even for Mommy! We got lots of new puzzles from Santa and grandparents for Christmas and I have already worked them all!

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  1. love the update and that cars puzzle looks really cool!